Tips for Newbie Photographers

Tips for Newbie Photographers

When starting out as a photographer, it can be quite overwhelming at first as there is a lot to get through. This is why we compiled these tips for newbie photographers to help you on your journey in photography. Following these tips can help you make the right choices and also improve your skills faster.

Whether you are using a DLSR or just the camera from your phone. Following these tips can be a great help to your career in photography or even if you are just looking to capture a few pics for Instagram page.

10 Tips for Newbie Photographers

Here are some basic tips when starting out photography

Learn the basics first  

There a lot of rules in photography, whether it is general knowledge or advice from experts. However, it is important to first learn more about the basics before moving on to more technical rules. This way you can build the foundation of your technique and adjust along the way. You can find a lot of this information online, but start on a few articles at a time, so you can avoid being overwhelmed.

Keep taking photos

Just reading about photography will not help you improve your craft, especially in the first stages. Like all things, you need experience in order to improve, so try to take photos every day. You do not have to do anything fancy, just regularly taking simple photos can do a lot in helping you improve your technique.

Take note of shots that you want to take

Coming across that perfect shot and not having a camera with you can be frustrating for a photographer. As a beginner, learn to keep a list of shots that you might come across and go back to them when you have your equipment with you. Take note also of the details that you want to take the shot in like lighting, composition and time of day, so that you will not forget.

Don’t overspend on equipment immediately

Camera equipment is not cheap. As a beginner, you should avoid spending money on expensive gear on your first days as a photographer. You can take amazing photos with just a single camera alone. As you move forward and improve, then you can start upgrading your equipment but for now just start small.

Experiment with how you take your photos

Experimenting with how you take your photos can help you figure out your own style and technique. With a digital camera you can take an unlimited amount of photos whenever you want, so you can go ahead and figure out what works best for you.

Change and adjust your camera’s settings

Don’t be afraid to tamper with the settings found on your camera, since it might help you with certain shots and get that look that you are looking for. Be sure to check that manual that comes with your camera or look for more tips online. Doing so can help you figure out what settings and effects, you can use when taking your photos.

Do not overlook your surroundings when looking for a subject

When first starting out in photography, you do not have to travel to exotic locations to take pictures. You can take beautiful photos just from the comfort of your home or your surroundings outside. At first glance you might not find anything, but look carefully and you might just find that beautiful shot.

Bring your camera with you at all times

There are some shots that can just come out of the blue, and you will probably not have your camera with you. As a newbie this can happen a lot, to avoid this just be sure to bring small bag with your camera and tripod if you have one.

Invest in a tripod

For photographers having problems with stability in their shots, whether it is due to shaky hands or some other reason. A tripod is a great addition to your gear and help stabilize your photos. Tripods are inexpensive and there are ones that are portable enough to bring with you everywhere.

Enjoy the process

Lastly, is to just enjoy learning photography whether you are just doing this as a hobby or a potential profession. Opportunities are never in short supply in photography. There may be a lot to learn but you will also discover amazing things along the way as you try to find that perfect shot.

It is important to learn these tips for newbie photographers as they can help you when just starting out. While it may be difficult at first, having these tips can help you get comfortable and start improving your craft.

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Essential Studio Equipment for Photographers

Essential Studio Equipment for Photographers

Whether you are just starting to take photos or are already professional, having the right equipment to go a long way. Before you start investing in expensive gear, you first need the essentials to be ready for anything. There is various equipment that photographers need to be able to take photos. 

While these are essential equipment, you do not have to get them all right away. You can start one by one so that you can avoid spending all your money at once. Start one by one until you can afford all. You can also check online for the best deals, this is so that you can avoid overspending on vital gear. 

Important Studio Equipment in Photography

Here are some of the important studio equipment for photographers. 

Camera and Lenses 

The first thing a photographer needs is a camera as well as lenses. An ideal camera will high-end and expensive, but when you are just a beginner you can use a cheaper alternative. There a lot of cameras in the market that a relatively low price and can give you what you need. The same goes for lenses. 

Memory Cards 

Memory cards are where you store your photos and take them anywhere. If you plan on taking a lot of pictures, you should get one with a high storage capacity. You can also purchase multiple cards in case something goes wrong with one, you can have a backup at least. Brands usually do not matter but do purchase from trusted brands to avoid being scammed. 

Software For Photography 

It is vital to have software for your photos so that you can edit easily and keep track of the pictures of your clients. This helps you run your business efficiently.


Any photo will need great lighting, especially for indoor photoshoots that do not have natural lighting. There is a variety of lighting equipment available, so choose the one that fits you and your budget the best. 


A tripod enables you to steady your shots when taking photos. So that your photos will come out balanced even when moving around. When getting a tripod, you should opt for an all-purpose tripod that can handle most camera systems. 

Studio equipment for photographers can be expensive with them being a lot that you will need. But you will find out that they are all worth it in the end, as all your pictures will come out better when you have all the necessary equipment. 

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How Can I Become a Good Photographer

How Can I Become a Good Photographer

How can I become a good photographer? This is probably one of the questions you have in mind. Whether you’re studying to become a photographer right now or you’re just admiring some really good photographers you’ve seen recently, then this must make you want to become good at photography or at least learn how to become a pro.

Photography is an art. Art usually doesn’t follow rules. However, this still depends on the type of photographer you want to become. For instance, if you’re someone who’d like to become a studio photographer, then you’d have to consider the taste and preference of your clients. If you’d like to become a corporate photographer, then your clients’ demands and requirements are your top priorities. So while there are no strict rules to follow in art, you at least have to adhere to what your clients want and deliver what they have paid you to do.

While some people just got lucky and learned how to take great photographs with trial and error, others need more time to study. When you get the chance, study and play around with your camera’s settings and see what works best depending on the situation, lighting condition, and your photo subject. You can also start investing in photography equipment. Things like lens and cameras can become pretty expensive. But if you start investing in them slowly, then you’d have a full set in no time.

Practice Makes Perfect in Photography

How can I become a good photographer – if you really want to become great at this. Practice. Practice every chance you get. You can also ask for tips and advice from other experienced photographers. Believe us, many of them will be more than happy to share some advice. You might even want to consider getting an apprenticeship from these pros! You will definitely learn a lot with experience.

How to Setup a Photography Studio

how to setup a photography studio

So you already learned all the tricks and tips you need to know about being a photographer. Now you just need to know how to setup a photography studio. Below, you will learn tips that you might find useful if you’re planning to build a studio of your own. 

A photography studio is a place where a photographer can shoot their subjects indoors. Your subjects can be people or products, depending on your preference and your clientele. 

Here’s What You Need to Setup a Photography Studio

There are many things you need to take into consideration when setting up a photography studio. Here are some: 

Find a Good Location: This is the first step, naturally. You have to find a good location for your photography studio. Some photographers simply use a spare room in their home while others look for a studio located in a commercial area so they can be easily accessible to their clients. 

Setup Your Photography Equipment: This may cost you quite a bit of money because photography equipment is not cheap. However, if you’ve been shooting photos for quite a while now, then you probably already have some of these. Among the most common things you need are cameras, lights, backdrops, shelves, tables, chairs, reflectors, tripods, and more. 

Secure Permits: Since a photo studio is a business, you may have to secure permits to ensure you won’t run into problems. 

It’s Time to Start Building Your Clientele

Now that you already have your photography studio, you have to build your clientele in order for you to sustain the business. Create a website and post on social media. Reach out to former clients and inform them about your new studio. Make sure your portfolio is ready too!

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Photography Equipment

photography equipment

Photography instruments are used to click photography by a photographer. Already, you may have some ideas about what kind of tools are generally in use. To add some extra information to that knowledge, a list will be delivered. As a professional photographer, you will need the parts as follows:

Camera Bag

To protect your priceless gadget, there is no alternative to a spacious and quality bag. A DSLR requires it to carry and keeping it safe as well.

Camera Strap

A good camera strap will reduce your hassle to carry it on all day long. Collect a smooth and flexible camera strap.

SD Memory Cards

Having some smaller SD cards rather than a big one is quite safe in photography. If you lose or damage one, still you have options.

Camera Tripod

Some of the purposes need a tripod with the camera. A tripod helps to keep the camera stable at any dimension. Especially for motion picture, it is a must tool you need in your possession.

Camera Cleaning Kit

To keep fit for relentless clicks, you must clean your device regularly. Keep cleaning kits always to make it sure. 

Remote Shutter Release

Remote shutter allows you to take image not touching the camera from distance. It also reduces camera shake and other possible disturbance.

Prime Lens

You will collect a lens of different variations with the advancement of photographic knowledge, but in the beginning, you should start with a single prime lens. Not having the zooming facility with it, you will have options to learn the compositions of images by hand.

Lighting Equipment and Devices

During shooting in dark, you need a variety of lighting options in your hand. That’s why plenty of lights of different colours and shade and range are essential. 

Photography Studio Equipment

A studio should be well equipped to create an authentic view at some point for genuine photography. Try to be updated with the latest studio technology and instruments.

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