How to Create Engaging Social Media Video

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For some, creating social media videos are far more challenging than writing a social post. However, it is not that difficult. If you follow all the necessary steps in making a video, your video will never fail in attracting viewers. Here we are with a guide to create an engaging social media video:

1. Ideate: The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your videos. You can generate a plan for the video by reading your own blog, evaluating your hobbies and interests, and considering the purpose of the video.

2. Study the most shared content: The topic of subject matter you chose to create a video upon should be a trending topic. Netizens should be enthusiastic about reading and learning about the subject.

3. Similar Videos: Look for videos on the subject matter already created and uploaded by individuals and groups on social media. This will help you understand the concept of their videos and make your video even more exciting.

4. Record: Now, you are all set to capture the most engaging video. You can make amazing social media post from your smartphone. However, you may need a tripod to stabilize the smartphone.

5. Microphone: You will also need a microphone for excellent voice quality in the video.

6. Lighting and Background: Do not forget to check the lights. A dark video is never pleasing to watch. Ensure the background and lighting are perfect or you may have to spend extra hours in editing the entire video.

7. Edit: You may have captured a great video; you will still have to have it edited. Use video editing tools from Google Play Stores and Apple Stores.

8. Share: Share the final video with friends on social networks and ask for their suggestions. If your video gets any negative feedback, don’t be disheartened and try again in the next video.

Looking for more suggestions? Here some top video making tips for beginners

Top Video Making Tips for Beginners

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Whether you aspire to become a professional videographer or want to try a new hobby, you must learn the basics of videography. The following tips will help you record videos like a pro and will give them an instant boost in quality.

1. Keep the Camera Steady: A shaky camera is a clear sign of amateur work. You can also invest in a tripod for steady videos. However, if you are required to move along the object or person, you can practice a steady camera holding.

2. Record – Close-up, Medium, and Wide: A newbie videographer tends to capture everything from a corner of the room, far away from what’s happening. Test different angles. Always make sure to get close-up, medium, and wide shots to add variety to your video. You can open a sequence with a close-up shot, switch to a medium shot in the middle, and then end with a wide shot.

3. Abstain from Unnecessary Zooms and Pans: One of the most common mistakes newbies do is zooming at every shot or pan across the horizon. The result of either action can make viewers dizzy. Unnecessary zooms and pans will draw attention away from the action.

4.  Pay Attention to the Audio: It’s not only the video that is important, but the audio also makes half of the recording. Keeping track of audio you’re recording makes it possible for you to avoid capturing unwanted sound clips.

5. Use Editing Software: There is a lot of free video editing software to help you practice editing your videos. They range from simple to complex so you can practice at a certain level and move to a different one when you master a trick or method. Play with the software as often as possible. The more practice you get, the easier it will be for you to learn the basics and tricks of good video editing.

Will you be editing with your Android device? Here are some video editing apps you can try!

Video Editing Apps You Can Try

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Did you know that there are plenty of video editing apps you can try using straight from your Android device? Whether you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, you can eaasily use these apps to edit videos you shot from your phone or elsewhere.

Nowadays, a lot of people are getting creative and resourceful when it comes to creating and editing videos. Gone are those days when one would always have to get the help of a professional. Especially for simple video posts, you can easily just shoot them on your phone or camera then edit them.

Many of these video editing apps are free to use. However, most of them leave watermarks or allow you to use limited editing tools until you buy a premium version. Nevertheless, they are still very useful and worthwhile. Check out the video below to see some samples.

Here at the Static Tech Video Guys blog, we highly recommend checking out these apps so you can learn how to edit videos on your own. Especially if they are only for personal use or if you’re simply sharing those videos in your social media account, these Android video editing apps should be good enough.

However, if you will be using your video for business purposes such as sponsored posts or ads, it is still ideal to call a professional to help you out. More often than not, you only get one shot to impress potential customers. You don’t want to ruin that shot by releasing inferior looking videos.

You can learn more tips as we go along. Just watch out for our new updates in the future. Hopefully the above details helped you out!