Questions to Ask a Videographer Before Hiring

questions to ask a videographer

Hiring a videographer is a big deal. Especially if you randomly picked out a stranger online based on an advertisement, you’d want to get to know this person better before signing a contract. You wouldn’t want to blindly entrust someone to take videos for you especially if it’s an important event such as a corporate function or wedding. So what are the questions to ask a videographer before hiring? Read on for some tips. 

Do you have a portfolio? 

The videographer’s portfolio will show you the quality of his work. You will also see what kinds of events he’s done in the past. This will help set your expectations on what he could deliver. 

How many hours will you be available to shoot?

This is an important question because some videographers book multiple gigs in a day. Especially if you don’t have a strict schedule for your event, there’s always that chance for an extension. So it’s nice to have a videographer who can take his time. 

What equipment do you have? 

You’ll be surprised how some videographers would come to a location with only a camera in hand. So it’s best to discuss the details of the footage you want to take and the type of equipment you expect him to bring – lights, tripods, etc. 

Do you have a team? 

Especially if you have a fairly large event, a videographer working solo might not be able to cover everything. Just check whether he has assistants coming with him. 

How much do you charge? 

Some people ask this first. But basing your decision on budget isn’t always the best thing. So once you’ve found out all the answers to the questions above, it’s time to ask the rates of the videographer. 

Here’s where to find a videographer online.

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